The 12 Ages of Christmas: Why the Holidays Suck the Older You Get

by 7 months ago
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The 12 days of Christmas — the air cold and crisper, the world just a little nicer and the one day of peace and love throughout the world is fast approaching. Life feels like a Dickens novel come to life… for absolutely no one over the age of eight.

For more than 85% of our lives, Christmas sucks. We spend most of our years on Earth chasing a feeling, or holiday spirit, from our youth that will never return. The Christmas spirit disappears once we’re old enough to realize the world is one massive decorative ball of suck.

People feel differently about the majesty of Christmas, and it all depends on their age. Here are the 12 ages of Christmas and what you’re probably feeling, or can expect to feel once you hit these ages, during the holiday season.


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