Hollywood Wastes No Time As A Movie About The GameStop Saga Is Already In The Works

Defiant amateur investors on Reddit say they are not backing down on their investments in GameStop — and even took out billboards in Times Square and across the country urging the faithful to continue holding the line.

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Hollywood, man — these dudes really are vultures, just picking at the corpses of society, trying to dig up a story wherever they can. In this case, I suppose, they didn’t have to do all that much digging, as this latest story has unfolded on the national stage: reports indicate that The Antisocial Network, a film about the GameStop Wall Street madness, is already in the works at MGM (the studio behind the James Bond franchise).

Sources tell Deadline that following a competitive situation, MGM has acquired the book proposal The Antisocial Network from New York Times best-selling author Ben Mezrich, which tells one of the biggest news stories of the year, about a ragtag group of amateur investors, gamers, and internet trolls who brought Wall Street to its knees. Even though the story is barely a week old, insiders say Mezrich and his reps took the proposal on the market at the end of the week and by Friday night MGM had moved fast to acquire the rights. [via Deadline]

While there’s no indication as to when production will begin, Deadline notes that MGM “moved fast to acquire the rights”, which suggests there were other studios circling the project.

Mezrich certainly has the pedigree when it comes to this sort of project, as he’s the author of The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding Of Facebook, a Tale Of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal, which is the book that the Academy Award-winning The Social Network was based on. During his career, he’s published more than 20 books, totaling over 6 million copies sold.

The GameStop phenomenon is right up Mezrich’s alley, as it tells the story of a “group of rag-tag investors from the Reddit page called Wall Street Bets” who “banded together to put the squeeze on at least two hedge funds that had bet that Gamestop shares would fall.” As a result of their Wall Street-screwing strategy, GameStop’s market value has increased rise over 1,700% since December.

Frankly, everyone knew this story was a ready-made film, so this was inevitable. Hopefully, they workshop that title a bit.

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