The ‘If You Don’t Love Me At My Worst’ Meme Has Been A Blessing To Sports Twitter

best funny memes 2017


The memes the kids are putting out nowadays are impossible to stay on top of. Posting a Bad Luck Brian meme or a baby fist pumping meme in 2018 would be the equivalent to listening to your Song Discman on the subway or saying WAZZZZZZZAAAAHH every time you pick up the phone. It’s easy to get trapped into the memes of yesterday and solidify yourself as the unoriginal, humorless friend of the group.

But don’t get down on yourself, many a meme suck. The new one swirling around sports Twitter certainly does not–If you don’t love me at my (unflattering image), then you don’t deserve me at my (best image). Difficult to explain, but you’ll catch on.

Check out some of the best ones below.

Isn’t your life better now? No? Me neither.

[h/t For The Win]