Folks, I Present To You The Most Exciting 2 Minutes Of ‘The Price Is Right’ You’ll Ever See

Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

If you’re grandmother hasn’t called you to tell you what just went down on The Price is Right, you should go check on her. Because every grandma and dude who called in sick today just witnessed one of the most lit sequences in the show’s 46 season history.

Here’s what went down.

Three contestants were at the wheel in hopes of securing a spot in the Showcase Showdown. All of them spun for $1, each winning $10,000. I’m no statistician, but I’d venture to guess that this is all but impossible.

But they were just getting warmed up. Show host Drew Carrey then told them that on their re-spin, hitting $1 is worth $25,000.

2 of the 3 contestants nailed it.

Total winnings in 5 minutes: $35,000, $35,000, $10,000.

LIT. Check it out below:

Twitter was energized.

[h/t For The Win]

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