Fan Theory On How Littlefinger Is The True Villain And How He’s Winning The Game Of Thrones

littlefinger game of thrones


Spoilers ahead. But you already knew that. The cunning Petyr Baelish is always conniving and playing the “Game of Thrones” to continually pick off his opponents and elevate his status in Westeros. Littlefinger is a master manipulator and you never know his true intentions. The former brothel owner and Master of Coin desires much, much grander positions and he will eliminate anyone in his path of reaching the highest power. Littlefinger fights every battle everywhere in his mind and nothing will surprise him. One persuasive “Game of Thrones” fan theory suggests that the always scheming Littlefinger is one of the evilest people on the hit show, he is winning, and he is well on his way to controlling Westeros in some capacity.

This brilliant and comprehensive fan theory by Redditor squirrelwoman explains how Littlefinger manipulates the ladder of chaos to climb to the top and dominate the Seven Kingdoms.

So do you think that Littlefinger will be able to spin another web to entrap his adversaries such as Bran and Jon Snow, get close enough to Sansa to swoop in to grab the Iron Throne if Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen destroy each other? Baelish had better be careful around Arya Stark and her new Valyrian dagger since she has become one of the most dangerous killers in the land or he won’t be at Sansa’s side on the Iron Throne.

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