This Professor Hates Pomegranates With The Fire Of A Thousand Suns (Video)

Some people don’t like pomegranates because they’re too tart or because they’re a pain in the ass to eat. Pomegranates are not exactly the most efficient or user-friendly fruit, especially if you do not enjoy eating the seeds. Although the seeds of pomegranates are completely edible, many people feast upon the aril AKA sarcotesta (The fleshy growth around seeds) and then spit out the seeds. This can become a messy and inefficient proposition for eating such a small amount of fruit. Some people want nothing to do with this seedy fruit including this professor. But she doesn’t just dislike pomegranates, this woman absolutely loathes pomegranates with the fire of a thousand suns.

This video was reportedly recorded at the Des Moines Area Community College, where a professor went on a vitriolic no-holds-barred rant about pomegranates. The visibly shaken and furious woman screams, “NO POMEGRANATES! NO POMEGRANATES! NO POMEGRANATES!” The DMACC professor yells, “I don’t want them anywhere near here! Am I clear? Say the rule again. No pomegranates!” So I’m not clear on this, does she like pomegranates or not?

Sadly, this explosive professor is not a drama teacher. The woman shrieking in the now viral video is allegedly Jane Martino, a psychology professor. On the website Rate My Professors, DMACC professor Jane Martino has a sterling 4.3 rating out of 5 on 15 reviews. The latest review from Thursday wisely warned, “Don’t bring pomegranates into her class. Seriously.”

What the hell did pomegranates ever do to this lady? Why does she abhor pomegranates so much? Does she hate the seeds? Does she despise their tangy and tart flavor? Why so much anger towards a fruit? If you’re a student, how do you resist the urge to hide single pomegranate seeds everywhere in the classroom? In drawers, in pen caps, in the USB jack of laptops? Great, now I’m going to be screaming, “NO POMEGRANATES!!!” this entire weekend in any and all situations whether there is a pomegranate present or not.

Pomegranates are the devil.