Congress Took On Ticketmaster In Hilarious Showdown

Congress Took On Ticketmaster In Hilarious Showdown

Getty Image / Drew Angerer

Ticketmaster is a part of all of our lives now. Whether you’re a sports fan or a music fan, or for most of us, both, we’ve all had to deal with the ticket service.

Of course, no one likes it. Yes, it has centralized ticketing and made it available 24/7, something that was not possible 30 years ago. But, the hidden fees and the way they handle big events often leaves the biggest fans without tickets to events they really want to go to.

This came to a head this year when Taylor Swift’s concert tickets for her much anticipated “Midnights” tour were highly in demand. The system was a total debacle, and it caused international outrage. Naturally, congress had to get involved.

And, on Tuesday, they did. But, it was mostly just bad jokes.

First, it was Utah Senator Mike Lee (R) with two just awful jokes.

But, bad jokes are a bipartisan affair. Here’s Senator Richard Blumenthal (D) of Connecticut.

Besides the bad jokes, both sides of the aisle took consistent aim at Ticketmaster. Josh Hawley took a break from being Josh Hawley to make quite a bit of sense.

That’s just one example of how bad it went for Ticketmaster today. It couldn’t happen to a worse company!

Garrett Carr
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