Joe Exotic Has Hot Takes About The N-Word, Tells Disgusting Story About His Last Sexual Encounter With A Woman And Other Wild Clips From His Youtube Channel

by 2 months ago

Netflix’s Tiger King has been the most talked-about show for the past few weeks during quarantine and Joe Exotic has become a star despite being behind bars for his participation in a murder-for-hire plot.

Before the Netflix series, Joe ran a relatively small unknown Youtube channel JoeExotictv that features hundreds of hours of footage with a small number of views.

Fans have started watching some of those videos and have unearthed some wild clips from JoeExoticTV and they’re pretty out of this world.

The first clip that has made the rounds on the Internet is one of Joe complaining about not being able to say the N-word.

In another clip, Joe tricks what looks to be a teenage boy into kissing him while onlookers laugh at the kid getting pranked.

And here’s Joe Exotic telling a story about his final sexual encounter with a woman who sat on his face while on her period.

I’m sure there’s plenty more since there’s so much footage on the Youtube channel that people have yet to find. You can check out the channel at Joe Exotic TV.

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