‘Tiger King’ Zookeeper Erik Cowie Got A Brand New Set Of Teeth And He’s Coming For Your Girl

Tiger King Netflix

Since the global explosion of Tiger King, head zookeeper Erik Cowie has endured the wrath of online trolls cyber bullying him over his sparse dental situation.

He said in the Tiger King and I spinoff episode in April that he hadn’t even watched the show, but it was impossible to avoid the online barbs about his chompers.

‘No matter what anyone says, yeah, my teeth are jacked up I’m sorry, I’m old man,  it’s what happens, and it’s going to happen to you. ‘And no, I don’t do meth, I never have, I like sleeping too much. I used to have a drinking problem and now I do not.

‘So yeah, f**k you all man.’ [via Metro]

Cowie also claimed that despite the speculation, no, he does not do meth: ‘clean living and loving Jesus’ were his words exactly.

I am pleased to announce that the trolls will be silenced upon learning of Cowie’s brand new set of tusks.

Ladies and gentleman, Dog the Bounty Hunter 2.0 aka Gas Station Owen Wilson.

Somewhere in Hollywood, Simon Cowell and his blinding chiclets nod in approval.

Via TMZ:

Sources close to the GW Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma tell TMZ … though Erik interacts with the public daily — leading tours and answering questions about all the animals — he has a hard time connecting with people, because he’s always been self-conscious about his smile and felt bad about his teeth.