These Brilliant TikTok Videos Smashing Annoying Ikea Customers Is Required Viewing For Anyone Who Worked Retail

Working in retail can at times feel as though you are in the third terrace of purgatory, and 89% of that misery is directly related to exasperating customers that force you to contemplate moving to a deserted island. But instead of working yourself into a frenzy over the buffoonery of miserable customers, we should all do what comedian Scott Seiss does – completely rip them to shreds over their rude and ignorant behavior.

Scott Seiss has made a name for himself with his funny TikTok videos where he tongue-lashes the insolence of customers. While posing as an employee of IKEA, the Swedish company that sells ready-to-assemble furniture and meatballs, Seiss lambastes Karens for all of their dumb and time-wasting questions.

In February, Seiss perfectly smashed customers who ignorantly attack retail workers with the idiotic maxim, “You just lost yourself a customer.” His first video in the series of highlighting the strife of retail workers everywhere racked up over 8 million views on TikTok.

Then Seiss obliterated the often-regurgitated customer sayings, “I’m telling all my friends not to shop here” and “the customer is always right.”

Seiss annihilated the common customer adages, “You should open up more registers” and “Do you know how much I spend here?”

Customers, for your own sake, please do not ask Mr. Seiss for the sale price that ended last week or to ask for the manager.

The TikTok videos from Seiss are outstanding, and anyone who has worked in retail will automatically connect with the vibe here, especially working on Thanksgiving and other holidays.

The so real it hurts videos went viral this week and caught the attention of one LeBron James.

“I was over the moon that all these comedians I really look up to were liking it and then when LeBron James said he was in tears watching, I lost my mind,” Seiss told the Daily Dot. “And the fact that people working often thankless jobs are enjoying them means the world to me.”