I’m Not McLovin This Viral TikTok From A McDonald’s Employee About How The McRib Is Really Made Is Brutal To See

McDonald's Sign


There are two types of people in this world: people who lose their minds with excitement every time the McDonald’s McRib comes back and normal people. I fall into the latter category. If I’m eating McDonald’s it’s going to be primarily McNuggets, a double cheese, and some fries. There’s no place for the McRib in my life and there never has been because life’s too short to eat bad barbecue.

Thanks to this viral TikTok video from a McDonald’s employee showing how the McRib is really made I have one more reason to avoid the McRib like the plague because there’s not a damn thing about this that’s appetizing. I’d like to say I’m not a food snob but that personality exists somewhere within me. Still, I’ll eat fast food anywhere anytime.

I love McDonald’s. I really really do. I might eat it today just to prove a point to myself about how this isn’t a knock on McDonald’s and just an indictment on the abomination that is the McRib. Everyone needs to see this video, truly. Here’s the version from TikTok and another published on YouTube so you can pick/choose which version you want to watch.


Nothing makes me hungrier than seeing those bland grey McRibs going onto the grill before being slathered in BBQ sauce that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned off that tray in years. I’m starving now…

This user’s TikTok feed has blown up with behind-the-scenes videos from the McDonald’s kitchen, something I’m almost certain that corporate isn’t loving. He’s posted the McChicken and the Big Mac. Watch them at your own risk.