TikToker Blows Millions Of Minds With Her Potato Peeler Revelation

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A TikTok video posted last week showing how to properly use a potato peeler has been viewed almost 9 million times and it is blowing… people’s… minds.

That’s right. A woman showing how a potato peeler actually works has been viewed more than 8.6 million times. What a world!

Her TikTok video has also received over 5,700 comments, many of them like these…

“This is why we need cooking classes back in high school! How am I just finding this out at 26?”

“Come on!!! How do we/ME, not know this basic stuff?!”

“TikTok needs to get a teacher of the year award or something, cause no… no I did not know that.”

“I fear I may be slow…”

“Seriously questioning everything I do in life right now.”

“At this point am I even cooking right?”

“Fun kitchen facts,” TikToker @jenniabs3 begins the video. “Did you know the reason why potato peelers swivel back and forth is that you cannot only go down, but forward when you’re peeling so that you can peel the entire thing super fast without having to actually lift up the peeler off of the vegetable?”

@jenniabs3 Did you know? #kitchengadgets ♬ original sound – Dinner Recipes | Kitchen Tools

Of course, with TikTok being on the internet, this helpful little video couldn’t just be without some sort of controversy being started by a troublemaker.

“Potato peeler swivel back-and-forth because some people are left-handed and some people are right handed that’s the reason!” a viewer commented.

“Yes! Both sides are sharp so lefties can use the same tool,” another viewer agreed. “Peeling should only be done towards you for complete control/precision.”

“That… does not make sense,” replied a different viewer who had several supporters, “whether left or right it still works the same way.”

And then there was this comment…

“Uuuhhh no. You should never peel anything towards your body,” commented a viewer. “That’s the first thing they teach you in any cooking class!”

Always one in every crowd, isn’t there?

I don’t know who is right or who is wrong here, but, at the very least I now know what the pointy end of the potato peeler is for.

@jenniabs3 Replying to @empee4689 ♬ original sound – Dinner Recipes | Kitchen Tools

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