TikTokers Are Filming Themselves Tasting Foods While They’re COVID-Positive


TikTokers testing positive for COVID are taking their talents to the taste test arena. It’s a great idea honestly. Far better for the world than filming themselves “pranking” a bank by wearing a ski mask and rolling up with airsoft guns and decommissioned grenades.

Fox News– 

Teenagers and young adults who have contracted the novel coronavirus have turned to social media to share their experience with a specific symptom – loss of taste.

The discovery led Roche and her roommate to TikTok, where they posted videos of themselves taste-testing different foods to see the extent of their symptoms. The pair’s first video has garnered more than 180,500 views and shows Roche testing her taste buds against vodka, soy sauce, ginger and turmeric wellness shot, hot sauce and lime.

Similarly, 19-year-old Cammie Cooke made a “COVID food review” TikTok video after she found out about her own diagnosis in late August.


When you have COVID and can’t taste or smell anything… you make your own fun and taste test gross foods👻

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Fun! What a fun idea. Except… can we raise the stakes a bit? I figured the hot sauce test was going to be a couple teens chugging the last bottle you see at the end of a Hot Ones episode. Instead, they’re taking a quarter-shot of some local Texas hot sauce? The sort of tepid condiment you find on the table at your local diner? Come on, Cammie.

I won’t even mention the fact that she’s sipping tequila at 19. Someone lock her up.

Here’s the thing, teens: we already had Shoe Nice. LA Beast. We’ve seen people put their LIVES at risk by consuming things on camera for clout. These are our heroes. That’s where the bar has been set. If you want to impress the older folks (and I’m talking anyone older than 20), we’re going to need some higher stakes.

Look at this man:

Now, I’ve heard he’s not doing all that well. Which is sad, because he’s one of the most likable people I’ve ever spent losing hours chasing down the rabbit hole. Also… did he delete all his videos? I can’t be bothered to do the research. But his most-watched video right now has only a few hundred thousand views. I seem to recall this guy racking up millions on some of his vids. Please inform me. I can be reached via DM.

In sum, wake me up when the TikTokers start eating glass shards and chainsaw chains. Until then, miss me with these tiny sips of medium-heat hot sauce.