Woman’s Tinder Profile Pic Ignites Fierce Debate On How To Hang Toilet Paper Correctly

How do you hang your toilet paper? Do you utilize the over the top method like a fully-functioning, sane-minded individual or do you hang your toilet paper under the roll like a complete bedlamite? For one Tinder user, she found out the hard way on the dangers of hanging her toilet paper incorrectly.

Hana Michels joined Tinder about a year ago and uploaded what she assumed was a quirky and fun profile pic of her wearing a shower cap and brushing her teeth in the bathroom. However, there was one blatant and obvious oversight in her photo that she did not realize — she faultily hung her toilet paper. Between cheesy pick-up lines and awful attempts to woo her, she noticed that men would contact her just to tell her that she hung her toilet paper wrong. In fact, 23 men messaged her specifically to inform the 30-year-old writer that her toilet paper was hung improperly. She shared the observation on Twitter and it quickly went viral.

In only a couple of days, the tweet received nearly 14,000 Likes and almost 1,000 comments. The tweet ignited a fiery debate on the proper method of hanging toilet paper. Even her roommate acknowledged that she hangs her TP wrong.

There was even a 2008 study of “bathroom habits” and it found that 75 percent of people saying that they prefer their ass napkins over. Seems like these 23 extraordinarily benevolent gentlemen were doing Hana a major favor by letting her know the error of her toilet paper ways.