T.J. Miller Was Arrested For Allegedly Calling In A Fake Bomb Threat After Train Altercation

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Just a month after news broke that TJ Miller’s departure from HBO’s Silicon Valley stemmed partially from his increasingly erratic behavior on set, it seems that the 36-year-old comedian’s behavior has reached alarming status.

According to reports obtained by TMZ, Miller was arrested Monday night at LaGuardia Airport after falsely calling in a bomb threat on an Amtrak Train while traveling from Washington, D.C. toward Penn Station in New York City on March 18.

Miller allegedly got into an altercation with a woman wearing a scarf and phoned 911 to accuse her of having a “bomb in her bag.”

The woman told police Miller was being loud and belligerent on the train, and had made a comment about her hair. She admits they had an argument.
After speaking to all parties involved, cops determined Miller had a grudge with the woman — and made the false report about her having a bomb, as a result.
In the docs, the feds say Miller’s mayhem caused 926 man-hours worth of delays, not to mention disrupting several law enforcement agencies and bomb squads in Connecticut and New York.

As if Miller’s actions weren’t reckless enough, he allegedly gave the authorities the wrong train number when reportedly the fake threat and they ended up stopping and searching a train in Connecticut, resulting in delays.

Journalist Alison Stewart was on that stopped train, and tweeted this out:

Stewart went on to say:

“They authorities took the threat very seriously. Evacuated everyone into a parking lot at night. It was cold. At least 16 police vehicles, bomb sniffing dogs. They detained 4 women for questioning. I can’t believe all that cuz of this guy.”

According to FBI documents, Miller was removed from the train in NYC because he was intoxicated.

Miller was released on a $100,000 on Tuesday. He is facing federal charges and could get up to five years in prison if convicted.

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