Tristan Thompson’s Lawyers Send Cease And Desist Letter To Instagram Model Sydney Chase Over Cheating Allegations

Tristan Thompson and his legal team are going on the offensive to squash any rumors that he cheated on Khloe Kardashian.

Last week, Instagram model Sydney Chase appeared on Adam 22’s ‘No Jumper’ podcast to claim she had hooked up with the NBA star recently after he had reconciled with his wife.


The Blackout Girls appeared on the No Jumper podcast wearing black skin-baring outfits. Soon Sydney joined them on the podcast and the women began discussing Syndey and Tristan’s alleged affair.

At one point in the podcast, Erika turned to Sydney asking her, “How was Tristan Thompson’s d**k?” To this, the model replied with a grin and said, “It was a peek-a-boo d**k but baby it was good.” Sydney also showed intimate pictures from their alleged encounters with the women.

They then went on to discuss more intimate details about Sydney’s alleged encounter with Tristan. During the podcast, she cryptically said, “We did everything,” referring to her alleged encounter with Tristan.

According to a report by Page Six, Adam 22 was forced to delete the episode in question from his Youtube page after Thompson’s lawyers served him with a cease and desist letter.

Via Page Six

Tristan Thompson took legal action against the podcast on which Sydney Chase claimed she slept with the Boston Celtics player.

Adam John Grandmaison, the host of the “No Jumper” podcast, told Page Six on Tuesday that he erased the initial video because of the cease and desist he received from Thompson’s attorney, Marty Singer.

“Yeah we got a cease and desist and deleted it,” Adam shared. “Honestly, I wouldn’t have posted it in the first place if I knew it was going to mess up a relationship.”

Singer also confirmed to Page Six he sent the cease and desist.

Singer also sent a cease and desist to Chase, but she hasn’t responded.

As for Chase she recently uploaded a screenshot of Khloe Kardashian trying to message her on Instagram over the infidelity claims.