There’s A New Podcast Talking About Classic Sports Movies And The Episode About ‘Varsity Blues’ Is A Coach Kilmer Fever Dream

A couple weeks ago, Kyle Bandujo asked me to come on his new podcast breaking down classic sports movies. It’s called Trouble With The Script and it’s a fantastic idea for a podcast: Watch a classic sports movie and rag on all the dumb shit about it, both in the sports scenes and with the plot of the movie as a whole – while also celebrating the cultural experience these movies had for us growing up, as aging millennials.

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Ironically, we recorded on the same day the news broke about Operation Varsity Blues, with celebrities like Lori Loughlin getting nabbed for bribery and fraud to get their kids in schools like USC.

We covered all sorts of topics about Varsity Blues itself, including the following:

  • -How the movie was one of the first sports movies to really treat CTE from football seriously or even address the topic
  • -James Van Der Beek just generally sucking ass as a quarterback
  • -What it’s like to live in a small, rural town that’s a high school football pressure cooker
  • -Paul Walker’s quarterback prospects at a school like Florida State, which was a National Championship contender the year Varsity Blues came out.
  • -Come the fuck on! Everyone at that school had to know that Miss Davis was moonlighting as a stripper.
  • -Sympathy for Coach Kilmer (Jon Voight) for having to deal with a team that acts like shitbags during games and on practice
  • -That damn whipped cream bikini
  • -Shitty Texas accents. Really shitty Texas accents
  • -How Scott McCann’s character is definitely a sex criminal

All in all, fantastic trip down memory lane. And it makes me miss the hell out of Ron Lester, the actor who played Billy Bob. He’s one of the all-time great sports movie characters in my book.

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Kyle is going to blow this podcast up, especially as more and more guests become on. Here’s what’s coming up next, so definitely subscribe on iTunes!

Long live Varsity Blues!


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