People Are Sharing Tweets About Their Most Awkward Dates Ever From Feeding Snakes To Doing Funeral Makeup

most awkward dates ever

iStockphoto / AntonioGuillem

I honestly have not been on too many awkward dates. That’s probably due to the fact that I’ve been a serial monogamist for most of my adult life. For whatever reason, the ladies just never allowed me to stay single for too long. And now I’m thanking my lucky stars and stripes that I never had to sit through a thousand awkward dates after reading these tweets below.

This tweet isn’t original. One of these floats around every couple of months and goes viral. But every time they bring out people who are DYING to tell their stories of the most awkward dates they’ve ever been one. One person watched a girl murder some mice to feed her snake. Another person had to sit through a dinner where the funeral home employee explained what kind of funeral makeup they’d use on them.

The dating scene this Summer is going to be WILD but some of y’all out there need to read through these tweets before you dive headfirst into the dating pool again. Just give yourself a quick reminder of how many weirdos are out there on the apps looking for love.

This is the tweet that actually made me realize I needed to put these into an article. The man demanded a large burger.

What?! How?? Seriously, how the hell does someone say it’s an event with a DJ but it’s a funeral??

Random celebrity dropping into the thread:

Would it be better or worse if it was a My Little Pony shrine?

I don’t know why but this is my favorite one yet:

Chad taking ladies to the Golden Corral.

‘Feeders’ are a thing. There was a show about them years ago on TV.

This dude’s out here with the mic drop:

I could honestly keep reading the responses for the rest of the week. They’re all so good. And there are thousands and thousands of them. If you want to keep reading, just click through on any of those tweets and you can click the ‘quote tweets’ to see people responding that way or just check the mentions. Whatever floats your boat.

Now keep your head on a swivel when you get back out there in the dating game.