Twisted Tea Launches The Big Ol’ Bag of Freedom, Plus New Flavors For Summer 2020

I don’t know about you, but nothing says “summer” to me quite like poppin’ off a couple Twisted Teas on a Saturday afternoon.

As someone who enjoys boozy iced tea-in-a-can, I’m looking forward to this summer’s arrival of the AriZona Hard Iced Tea.

Meanwhile, Twisted Tea – the OG of the hard iced tea game – is introducing a couple new flavors to mix things up. Three new flavors are set to hit the market for sweet summertime imbibing, including Peach Twisted Tea, Passion Fruit Twisted Tea, and Black Cherry Twisted Tea.

Peach Twisted Tea is already on the market. Black Cherry Twisted Tea and Passion Fruit Twisted Tea launch on May 25th.

Twisted Tea is also introducing a patriotic “summertime bag-n-box”, with a patriotic design. Check out the Big Ol’ Bag Of Freedom – you get a soft bladder full of Twisted Tea.

This summer, we want to ensure America parties with Tea by releasing our celebratory summertime bag-n-box, complete with the spirited Big Ol’ Bag of Freedom design. Availability: launching this summer and will run through Labor Day.

They all look delicious.