Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Plays Himself With ‘Helpful’ Tweet About Chronological Order Hack

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Criticized For Tweet About Chronological Order

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Much like with every other social media platform (especially Instagram), users of Twitter long for the good old days when the people and the content they subscribed to appeared in their feed in chronological order.

Apparently, counted among those people are none other than Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. You know, the one guy who could actually give the people what they want.

Tweeting on Wednesday, Jack Dorsey provided a workaround for users who miss tweets from the people they follow appearing in chronological order, and no, it has nothing to do with a change made by his company.

“I used @getvicarious to create and sync a list of all accounts I’m following, set that list to be reverse chron, named it ‘Latest’ and pinned it, and now I can quickly swipe between ranked (algorithm) and all tweets as they happen (inspired by an idea from team),” Dorsey tweeted.

Does he not read Twitter? He needed his team to make this suggestion to him? And why are they suggesting to him that he use a third party hack rather than just making it a real life option on, you know, Twitter?!

It’s not like Twitter’s users haven’t been complaining, loudly, for years about Twitter’s convoluted algorithmically weighted system of displaying tweets on users’ timelines. But hey, we did get a brand new font this week and they switched the colors on the “follow” and “following” buttons, which didn’t at all confuse Twitter users even more than they already were.

Needless to say, those were not the changes Twitter users had hoped to see. Combine that with Jack Dorsey’s odd recommendation of using Vicariously to see tweets in chronological order and loads of people were nonplussed, and many were more than a little angry.

So much sarcasm and venom. Do you think there’s any chance Jack Dorsey actually read any of these responses and will do something positive to address them? Or is he too busy trying to make his social media platform even more difficult to use and understand?

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