Twix Bars Can Now Be Consumed As A Seasoning And The Brand Wants People To Sprinkle It On Chicken Wings

Twix candy seasoning chicken wings

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  • Twix has released a candy-flavored seasoning you can sprinkle on your food to kick it up a notch
  • The brand claims the seasoning can be used to make chicken wings
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It can be tough to keep up with the many, many food trends that have taken social media by storm over the years, and when the internet falls in love with a particular craze—whether it’s incorporating unnecessary amounts of bacon into a dish or throwing avocado on literally anything—it tends to go all-in on whatever tickles its fancy before eventually kicking the fad unceremoniously to the curve.

Based on what I’ve seen while making the rounds in recent weeks, there is nothing the foodies of Instagram and TikTok currently adore more than Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel seasoning, which seems to have become the hotness in the online streets.

Now, a new (and fairly unlikely competitor) has entered the arena in the form of Twix, which has unleashed a candy-flavored seasoning on a world that might not be ready for what’s in store.

The bottle of the concoction dubbed “Twix Shakers” suggests it’s an ideal topping for sweet treats like ice cream and milkshakes, but according to Food & Wine, the candy brand claims it’s also an ideal way to take chicken wings to the next level by incorporating it into a condiment described as three words I never predicted I’d write in succession:  Twix BBQ Sauce.

Twix candy seasoning chicken wings

B&G Foods

The Twix rep who sang the recipe’s praises called the coating in question a “bold play on a traditional mole sauce,” and while I guess I could see it working in theory, I’m going to let someone else take that one for the team before ruining a perfectly good batch of chicken wings.

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