UFO Hunters Claim They Are Behind The Unexplained Group Of Colorado Drones, Mystery Remains Unsolved


Just prior to the new year, residents of Colorado, including the police, were left baffled by reports of mysterious and unexplained “swarms” of drones flying in formation across the state.

No one had an explanation for what these drones were doing or who was controlling them, but Phillips County Sheriff Thomas Elliott reported to the Denver Post, “They’ve been doing a grid search, a grid pattern. They fly one square and then they fly another square.”

Representatives of the Federal Aviation Administration, Air Force, Drug Enforcement Administration, and U.S. Army Forces Command all claimed to have no idea what was happening.

Fast forward several weeks and sure enough, the drones were still out there doing whatever it is they’re doing and despite an investigation by the Colorado Department of Public Safety (CDPS), there were still no answers to be found.

“While I can’t conclusively say we have solved the mystery, we have been able to rule out a lot of the activity that was causing concern,” CDPS executive director Stan Hilkey told ABC-7 Denver. “We will continue to remain vigilant and respond as new information comes in.”

Skip ahead another week and United States Air Force intelligence expert Mike Turber told Daily Star Online, “I’ve seen several videos that have gotten me into this. I’m a debunker and I’ve never jumped on the UFO bandwagon. But as I’m watching these videos, I’m seeing some objects that look a lot like a tic-tac would be. There’s one where an aircraft is zooming by at a ridiculous speed. As far as I know, they very well could be these tic-tacs but I have no inside knowledge of what these are and can’t really confirm anything.”

So are the drones people are seeing in Colorado the same UFOs spotted by Navy fighter pilots from the USS Nimitz in November 2004?

Not if you believe a group of UFO hunters based out of Wichita, Kansas who are now claiming responsibility for the mysterious Colorado drone sightings.

The group, known as ArchAngleRECON, claims they have been flying drones in formation over Colorado in an organized search for the tic-tac UFO seen by USS Nimitz pilots as well as another craft they believe was flying underneath it.

Michael Spicer of ArchAngleRECON told the Sterling Journal-Advocate that he was contacted recently by the Federal Aviation Administration’s Investigations and Law Enforcement Assistance Program.

Despite Spicer’s statements, there is still some who have doubts, and rightfully so, that his group of drones is actually the same group that he been spotted repeatedly in the Colorado skies.

One thing is for certain however, and that is…

the truth is out there


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