UFOs Caught On Video Over Arizona: ‘I Watched It Mutate… Into Some Kind Of Metallic Craft’

ufo over arizona


Now that the government is at least claiming it is going to start taking UFOs (or UAPs as they refer to them – unidentified aerial phenomona) more seriously, perhaps we will start getting some answers to sightings like the one that occurred this week in Arizona.

With thousands of people descending on the greater Phoenix area, it’s of little surprise that there would be a UFO sighting down there.

UFOs often seem to appear where there is a hive of activity. Last year, one showed up over the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in the United Kingdom.

This particular UFO sighting is rare in that it was recorded for 12 minutes. Most UFO videos are much shorter.

“The awesome video is 12 full minutes long! Thats rare guys, and its from the Arizona state which means its close to Area 51 and Area S4 and the Extraterrestrial Highway. This is massive evidence that tic-tac UFOs do exist,” UFO expert Scott Waring wrote on his site discussing the video.

The eyewitness also gave a statement.

I had seen some thing in the sky a few days prior and thought I would go outside and just record and as soon as I started recording, and after the birds flew by, I noticed this object coming from the north traveling south. I tried to zoom in as it crossed overhead and follow the object until it disappeared. I was watching it with both my slow motion, camera mode, and with my eyes. I did not see the second craft until I was watching the video. The first craft was brilliant and flickering and even orb like… it exploded, and what looked like an orb, flash of color a few times. Very unusual, and I saw it with my naked eye as well. I don’t know what is going on in our skies, but I thought it was mandatory that I give you this information. The second craft I did not see, but as I watched the video, I watched it mutate from an orb type craft into some kind of metallic craft. It’s like it changed in the sky.

“WOW!!! I see this kind a bunch, though never this close or like that!” one viewer commented.

“That object isn’t higher than the clouds, so it is most likely at about 10 ~ 12,000 ft, it doesn’t have enough definition to give a realistic description, so it does fall under the category of a Unidentified Flying Object,” another wrote.

Take a look for yourself and see what you think…

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