A Ukrainian Brewery Is Using Beer Bottles To Make Molotov Cocktails To Defend The City It Calls Home

Brewery In Ukraine Using Beer Bottles To Make Molotov Cocktails

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  • A brewery in Ukraine is filling its beer bottles with gasoline and oil to make Molotov cocktails
  • Pravda is gearing up to help residents in the city of Lviv defend against a potential invasion
  • Read more about the conflict here

It’s been close to two years since a number of distilleries temporarily pivoted to a new product by devoting the equipment that’s traditionally used to whip up the base spirit for whiskey, gin, and other alcoholic elixirs to producing hand sanitizer following the onset of the pandemic.

As you very likely know, millions of people in Ukraine have spent the past week combatting another deadly threat after Russian troops were ordered to invade the country, and while conflicting reports make it somewhat difficult to definitively assess the current situation, it would appear Putin’s forces were not prepared for the resistance they’ve encountered based on much of the information that’s been circulated.

In the wake of the invasion, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry encouraged residents to amass a stockpile of Molotov cocktails—which were first deployed by Finnish combatants who used them against Soviets in the Winter War in 1939—to fend off hostile forces.

According to The New York Post, a brewery in the western city of Lviv is doing what it can to aid that particular effort, as employees at Pravda have stopped filling the brewery’s bottle with beer in favor of the oil and gasoline they’ve been funneling into the glass containers before capping them with a rag so they can be harnessed by the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces.

Ukraine brewery molotov cocktails

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Pravda owner Yuriy Zastavny noted the brewery was drawing on lessons learned during the 2014 uprising that was dubbed the “Revolution of Dignity,” and while Russia has yet to advance on the city it calls home, it would appear Lviv is prepared to push back if that ends up being the case.

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