Running Coach Explains The Signs That Show You’re Ready To Run An Ultramarathon

How To Run An Ultramarathon We Run This Episode#15

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You’ve conquered the half-marathon, run a full marathon, and feel as though you’re ready to take the next step.

But are you really ready for an ultramarathon?

On this week’s episode of “We Run This”, we’re talking to runner and coach, Ryan Knapp from Miles To Go Endurance.

Ryan has over 20 years of coaching experience with a focus on mountain, ultra, and trail running.

He’s been featured in Trail Running Magazine, Runners World, CNN, and the Daily Burn, and was asked by the Road Runners Club of America to create their Level 2 Ultrarunning Curriculum to help coaches around the world learn how to coach ultrarunners.

Ryan talked to Nick and I about moving his entire family to Germany for work, getting comfortable running in another country, training for 100-mile races, the depression that sometimes comes with finishing an ultra run, and how runners can tell they’re ready to try an ultra.

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