University Sends Brutal Email To Students Urging Them To ‘Emotionally Prepare’ For Covid Deaths

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The Yale University welcome back package includes a cold splash of reality.

According to the Yale Daily News, a University staff member sent an email telling students to “emotionally prepare” for people to die from COVID-19 when classes on campus begin at the end of the month.

The cold email was sent to students on July 1 and outlined the university’s controversial plan to reopen on-campus housing on Aug. 31 and resume classes this Fall.

“We all should be emotionally prepared for widespread infections — and possibly deaths — in our community,” Laurie Santos, head of the school’s Silliman College, wrote in an email. Silliman College is a residential college at Yale University.

“You should emotionally prepare for the fact that your residential college life will look more like a hospital unit than a residential college,” continued Santos.

The school does plan on testing students for the virus two times per week and implementing a contact tracing program. University officials explained that contact tracing can “catch students exposed to COVID-19 while the virus is incubating and tests cannot yet detect it.”

Yale University made news earlier this month after the institution was sued by a student for charging full price tuition even though students aren’t getting the full college experience.

The virus isn’t going away anytime soon, according to CDC Director, and several other colleges are already regretting opening campus to students.

Notre Dame and the University of North Carolina were both forced to cancel in-person classes this week after hundreds of students on both campuses tested positive for COVID-19.

The University of North Carolina’s student newspaper ripped school leadership a new one for the “clusterfuck” they created by pushing to resume on-campus learning.

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