For All You Hopeful That The Pandemic Will Be Over Soon, The CDC Director Has Some Discouraging News For You

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, the CDC's Director claim he's hopeful it will all end by spring

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This whole coronavirus pandemic is really cramping my style. Instead of enjoying the summer heat and long days, I’ve pretty much been stuck indoors to avoid all people so not to catch this damn virus, or, worse, unknowingly pass it on to somebody else. Yeah, 2020 has really been a pain in the ass.

While nearly all of you can relate to that very feeling, no doubt having pandemic fatigue over the past eight months, many of us are hopeful that this fucking thing will finally come to an end soon. There’s optimism for a vaccine. It appears that some cases and deaths are dropping in previous hot spots. And, well, shit, this whole coronavirus just can’t go on forever, can it? (**Dear Lord, PLEASE do not let this go on forever**)

As life slowly starts up again and things become this “new normal” everyone’s been talking about for months, here’s a quick reality check: The coronavirus pandemic isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Like, that’s not my opinion, but what the CDC Director, Robert Redfield, said Friday morning during an interview on the JAMA Network YouTube channel about some of the recent developments, the response in the U.S. and prospects for the coming months.

Per Newsweek:

“I’m hopeful that the steps we take to prevent COVID are going to prevent flu and other respiratory viruses, Redfield said. “People are going to realize this is the year to get flu vaccine and we’ll begin to see our nation get through this pandemic.”

“As we then—and I do anticipate it will happen—begin to deploy an efficacious and safe COVID vaccine, then hopefully when you and I talk next spring we’ll have this pandemic behind us.”

The spring? As in, like, another 7-8 months from now? For fuck’s sake, can’t this whole pandemic just come to an end already my some miracle that nobody could foresee happening? Yeah, how about that’s what we all remember 2020 for being: The year that, like losing your virginity, started off weird and awkward but, by the end, was pretty fucking dope. That’s the life I dream for.

With all due respect to scientists and biologists and other really, really smart -ists out there who are accelerating a vaccine and studying the coronavirus at a rapid pace, the thought of enduring another eight months of this is miserable. That constant fear we all have about (maybe) catching it and (maybe) being the one healthy, active, 30-something person with no underlying conditions who could end up in the hospital or dead is too much to handle. So, excuse me, Robert Redfield, but your optimism to have this over in the spring of 2021 doesn’t exactly bring me too much joy.

But, hey, if that’s the earliest all of this can go away, I’ll sure as hell take it. To think, had we just had some sort of pandemic response team months or years ago that could’ve studied this pandemic stuff in hopes to prevent one so we wouldn’t be in this current position… oh, wait.

(H/T Newsweek)