Guy Vapes In Front Of A ‘Cop Car’, Gets TORCHED By Police Department On Twitter For Being An Idiot

I hope this dude has a solid sense of humor because he’s been getting absolutely roasted on Twitter for the past 48 hours. Blake Albert filmed his friend vaping in front of what they thought was a Lawrence, Kansas Police Department vehicle.

Vaping is always an easy hobby to make fun of. This dude really didn’t need to make it any easier for the Lawrence PD, but here we are:

Few things on the Internet bring me as much joy as when official police department Twitter accounts absolutely own idiots for doing stupid things. Seriously, I cannot get enough of this. There’s just something about seeing the most serious people around take down that top button and crack jokes on Twitter that just hits me right in the funny bone.

Blake, if you’re out there, maybe you should sit the next couple vape sessions out, brah. You’ve just been brutally owned by the Lawrence PD and are probably in recovery at the moment anyway. I just don’t want to see any more damage inflicted on your soul, so maybe put that vape down for a few years.