VIDEO: How To Mod Your Nerf Gun Into A Powerful Welt-Inducing Blaster

Nerf guns were originally made solely for kids. But adult men love themselves some Nerf warfare just as much as the kids. However, the toys are still made with children in mind and Hasbro doesn’t want thousands of lawsuits because kids are shooting each other’s eyeballs out with Nerf guns. So while the guns have definitely advanced, they have restrictions so they are still suitable for 9-year-olds. But what if you could amp up the power on your current Nerf gun so you could make your roommate scream like a little girl when you shoot him in the nuts while he’s got his hands full carrying in groceries to your apartment?

This video from The Modern Rogue YouTube channel will give you step-by-step instructions on how to remove the restrictions on your Nerf gun and unleash the weapon’s untapped power potential. They will also show you how to give your Nerf gun a paint job so it doesn’t look like a kid’s toy. Bill Doran, an expert Nerf gun modder and prop master, joined hosts Brian Brushwood and Jason Murphy to show you how to mod the fuck out of your Nerf gun. Please don’t shoot your eye out.