Terrifying Videos Show Buildings Collapse Following 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake In Mexico City

Mexico City was rocked by a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday afternoon. In the Mexican mega-city that houses nearly 9 million in the center of Mexico City, buildings collapsed and there are fears of mass casualties. Despite the epicenter of the earthquake hitting 70 miles southeast of Mexico City, the damage to the heavily populated metropolitan area was severe. The epicenter was in the central state of Puebla at a depth of 32 miles.

Photos and video show the sheer ferocity of the earthquake as it toppled buildings in Mexico’s capital.

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This store fell from the Mexico City earthquake.

The sides of this building fell to the ground.

Mexican citizens band together to help save any survivors under the rubble.

This building didn’t fall, but it wobbled just about as much as a building can before collapsing.

People try to wait out the earthquake as the building rocks back and forth.

The damage is widespread throughout the Mexican city.

There was a shocking explosion in Mexico’s capital following the quake.

The strong quake sent people to scurry out of the way of danger.

Video from above Mexico City shows smoke from explosions or dust from buildings collapsing.

The quake easily shook the water out of this swimming pool.

The ground moving caused this waterway to have big waves.

There are over 21 million people who live in the urban area of Mexico City, making it the most making it the largest metropolitan area in the Western Hemisphere. This makes experts suggest that the death toll could be scary. In a creepy coincidence, today’s earthquake came on the same day as the massive earthquake that destroyed Mexico City in 1985. That earthquake was a magnitude 8.0 and killed at least 5,000 people. Ironically, many Mexicans participated in earthquake drills across the nation only hours before Tuesday’s earthquake struck. The earthquake drills are purposely done on this day to mark the anniversary of the 1985 quake. Earlier this month, a potent 8.1 earthquake hit Mexico earlier this month, killing at least 98 people

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