Guy Buys Designer Jacket Custom-Made For Vince McMahon For $45 At Thrift Store And Realizes Vince Is Jacked

Vince McMahon Jacket Thrift Store

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I haven’t been thrift shopping in months, especially with this pesky little pandemic going on, but my visits rarely involved looking for clothes. There’s just something about wearing a stranger’s clothing that skeeves me out.

A Redditor in Florida stopped by a thrift store recently and made an interesting purchase – a designer coat that once belonged to WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon.

Redditor XxSpruce_MoosexX found the custom suit jacket that McMahon purchased from luxury clothing boutique Richard’s Of Greenwich in Connecticut.

The jacket is made by Italian designer Ermenegildo Zegna and retails for over $2000.

The tags inside the coat are visible in the photos. One tag reads “VKM Vince McMahon Richards Of Greenwich 02.04.2019.”

Found Vince McMahon’s Jacket Today. He’s Absolutely Jacked. from r/SquaredCircle

XxSpruce_MoosexX quickly came to the realization that Vince is jacked. When asked if he could fit into the jacket, Spruce Moose commented, “This is a custom-made piece that was originally a 64 L. For reference, I’m usually a very slim 52R or a 50R. The chest is absolutely massive and the shoulders are very padded. I need to eat a ton of Wheaties to fill this out.”

The jacket was once worn during a very memorable segment of Friday Night SmackDown.

This isn’t the only suit belonging to a celeb that the Redditor has found in the same thrift store.

“I found Steve Harvey’s suit a few months back. Much cheaper quality than Vince,” he shared in a Reddit comment.

[via Reddit]