This Viral Photo Of A Houston Grocery Could Not Describe Texans More Perfectly

by 10 months ago


Poor vegans. All they want to do abide by a diet that’s richer in potassium, magnesium, folate and vitamins A, C and E and proven to lower blood sugar and heart disease risk and improve kidney function. Nothing about their choice is irrational, if only they’d drop that holier-than-thou air about themselves they’d stop being so goddamn easy to rip on.

And when an opportunity comes to hate on vegans, even in the midst of one of a storm that is expected to cause $180 billion in damage, meat-eating Americans do not hold back.

As “long lines have been reported at big retailers across affected areas,” and “stores that are open find themselves completely wiped out of fresh produce,” one food source remains: vegan shit. The photo above has gone super viral, and birthed some A+ veganism cyber bullying THAT I DO NOT SUPPORT.

But if I did, these would be the tweets I’d laugh at.

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