Love To See It: Viral TikTok Shows Justice Being Served To A Car Cutting The Line At Whataburger

Few things in life are more frustrating that being cut-off in line for the drive-thru.

Patience is a virtue. When a rude person tries to cut a line in person at an amusement park, concert, sporting event, or airport, a couple angry looks and a polite “back of the line, bro” usually solves the issue.

It’s not that easy at a drive-thru, where hangry drivers can get extra-mean from the comfort of their own vehicle.

These days, lines at fast food restaurants keep getting longer and longer. Which means more and more rude, impatient customers in their car trying to selfishly break the rules.

An entitled driver recently cut the line at Whataburger, forcing the restaurant workers to take action. The Internet is alluding their heroism in administering quick and sudden justice.

Pay attention to the red car that pushes ahead of other customers waiting to order their delicious Whataburger meal during the recent winter weather in Texas.


As they should 😌😌😌😌#whataburger

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In the words of the TikTok user who caught the video, @laaaaureny1, “Damn, that’s a dick move!”

The video quickly went viral. Another user applauded Whataburger for kicking the red car out:

“You know the rules!” said. The people of Whataburger and the people who stand with Whataburger don’t put up with that McDonald’s behavior.”

That Whataburger Patty Melt with green chilies and spicy ketchup sure is good, but you’ll have to exercise some patience for it. It’s certainly not worth being 86’d for.

You love to see it. Bravo to the employees out there doing a great job at maintaining order.

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