Viral Twitter Thread Of People’s Hottest Food Takes Will Make Your Blood Boil

Viral Twitter Thread Of People's Hottest Food Takes Will Make Your Blood Boil


  • Pretty much everyone alive has a hot take about food that 99% of the population won’t agree with
  • A viral Twitter thread had people sharing their most ‘cancellable food takes’ and it has brought out some of the most outrageous interactions online in years
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You say potato, I say potato. You say tomato, I say tomato. We are not the same. In fact, the United States topped a global survey just last year as the most divided nation in the world. We love arguing about anything and everything, and that 100% includes arguing on Twitter about our hottest food takes.

A viral tweet took off on Tuesday. Twitter user @trichesfaucons said they were canceled for a take about balsamic vinegar over ice cream (it’s actually good, I’ve tried it). So they fired off a tweet asking for everyone’s “cancellable food take.”

Hundreds of thousands of tweets later and people are getting dunked on left and right for their horrendous food takes. Some of these takes are straight-up bad. Others are intentionally polarizing. I’ve pulled a bunch of them below so let’s dive into it…

Viral Twitter Thread Of People’s Hottest Food Takes Make Our Blood Boil

This guy needs to learn some culture…

What a perfect reply here:

From the co-founder of Ethereum comes this piping hot food take…

Load this horrendous food take into a cannon and fire it into the ocean:

Padma Lakshmi is not wrong here…

What the hell is this? Seriously, WTF is going on?? Milk and Pepsi???

This is the worst one I’ve seen yet.


Boo this man!

Did this MF’er just say that Apple Pie is an ‘atrocity’?!


I actually never order buffalo wings. This is a horrible take. I smoke my wings in a dry rub and cover in BBQ sauce every time.

Is this the worst food take of all??

We’ve seen an awful lot of horrendously hot food takes in this thread but is this one the worst? Personally, I like them the same. And I’ll eat an oatmeal raisin cookie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while the chocolate chip cookie is reserved as a dessert. But people are saying that’s the worst take yet.

You can click through on any of those tweets above to see the full thread on Twitter. If you’ve got a hot food take of your own to add, just hop in that thread and get after it!