A Restaurant In NYC Is Selling A Vodka-Infused Turkey For Thanksgiving

by 2 years ago


For many, Thanksgiving is a great excuse to drink heavily for a variety of reasons. Plenty of people kick off the festivities early because there’s jack shit to do the night before the holiday. Some do it to deal with their drunk uncle, while other people do it because they are the drunk uncle (because humans are apparently ingrained to get way too inebriated once one of their siblings has a kid).

You’ll probably end up having a drink or two with your meal, but what if your meal was your drink? It might sound insane, but a restaurant in New York City is turning the Thanksgiving game on its head by serving a vodka-infused turkey to diners.

According to the New York Daily News, the bird is the brainchild of the staff at Selena Rosa, a restaurant on the Upper East Side. Bartender Sam Musovic explained the process, which involves infusing the 20-pound turkey with vodka on two separate occasions:

Before going into the oven, the fowl is infused with Devil’s Spring vodka. After it cooks and rests, the finishing touches on the turkey are tableside injections of flavored vodka before carving.

Diners choose from Georgi vodka infused with pineapple, apple cider, green apple, French vanilla or coconut. A server steps up with a syringe, giving new meaning to lets do shots.

Anyone who has been to college in certain parts of the country might not be able to handle the flashbacks associated with Georgi, but I can imagine they wouldn’t offer this on the menu if it was totally repulsive.

The restaurant is also providing a free taxi home to every borough, which means you could essentially break even as long as you only rely on the turkey to get a buzz.

It might not be as fun as Weedsgiving, but hey— different strokes for different folks.