Walmart’s Top-Selling Item In Each State Features My Little Pony, Hot Cheetos And Vanilla Frosting

by 6 months ago

Jonathan Weiss /

Walmart revealed the top-selling item in each state and there were outstanding purchases made as well as some peculiar shopping habits that are downright bizarre. Colorado wins everything because their most-purchased item was Peanut M&M’s, arguably one of the greatest candies of all-time. This may have had something to do with marijuana being legal in the Centennial State. Other honorable mentions for best Walmart-shopping include Minnesota who loves Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Maine devours loads of brownies. Who can blame them?

Some top products were logical such as RV & marine antifreeze being the most popular product purchased in Alaska or protein powder in California. Of course, Wisconsin’s most popular purchase is a Green Bay Packers bath mat. Cheeseheads gonna Cheesehead.


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