Walmart’s Top-Selling Item In Each State Features My Little Pony, Hot Cheetos And Vanilla Frosting


Jonathan Weiss /

Walmart revealed the top-selling item in each state and there were outstanding purchases made as well as some peculiar shopping habits that are downright bizarre. Colorado wins everything because their most-purchased item was Peanut M&M’s, arguably one of the greatest candies of all-time. This may have had something to do with marijuana being legal in the Centennial State. Other honorable mentions for best Walmart-shopping include Minnesota who loves Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Maine devours loads of brownies. Who can blame them?

Some top products were logical such as RV & marine antifreeze being the most popular product purchased in Alaska or protein powder in California. Of course, Wisconsin’s most popular purchase is a Green Bay Packers bath mat. Cheeseheads gonna Cheesehead.

Then there was the wacky shit. Do only old grandmas live in Delaware where they love buying spiced jelly candy? Connecticut is the home of cyberpunk apparently based on all of the copies of Ghost in the Shell they bought in 2017. Louisiana, what’s up with all of the root beer extract? Let’s hope Idaho is buying all those My Little Pony Mini Collections for little kids and not Bronies. South Carolina, how many coin banks does one person need? You buy one and they last until you get a bank account. Why is Rhode Island’s most popular product for 2017 Christmas lights? Vermont loves themselves some sweet canned corn while Washington state can’t get enough vanilla frosting. Stop eating the frosting with a spoon, that’s not even remotely healthy.

Here’s the complete list of most-bought Walmart items by state:

• Alabama: Crayons
• Alaska: RV & marine antifreeze
• Arizona: L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls
• Arkansas: Chocolate
• California: Protein powder
• Colorado: Peanut M&M’s
• Connecticut: “Ghost in the Shell” DVD
• Delaware: Spiced jelly candy
• Florida: Sparkling cider
• Georgia: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chairs
• Hawaii: Barbie farmer doll
• Idaho: My Little Pony Mini Collection
• Illinois: Erasers
• Indiana: Instant coffee
• Iowa: Water softening crystals
• Kansas: Ozark Trail tumblers
• Kentucky: 4×6 photo prints
• Louisiana: Root beer extract
• Maine: Brownies
• Maryland: Glue sticks
• Massachusetts: Refrigerators
• Michigan: Lavender-scented cleaning products
• Minnesota: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos
• Mississippi: Oil-less fryer
• Missouri: Life Savers
• Montana: Madden NFL video games
• Nebraska: Pressed makeup powder
• Nevada: Dog treats
• New Hampshire: Cinnamon-flavored toothpaste
• New Jersey: Pool salt
• New Mexico: Cat food
• New York: Cheerios
• North Carolina: Mayonnaise
• North Dakota: Watermelon-flavored gum
• Ohio: Grape-flavored drink mix
• Oklahoma: BBQ sauce
• Oregon: Humidifiers
• Pennsylvania: Plastic hangers
• Rhode Island: Christmas lights
• South Carolina: Coin banks
• South Dakota: Orange juice
• Tennessee: Disney Infinity Power Discs
• Texas: TV wall mounts
• Utah: Personal travel care kits
• Vermont: Sweet canned corn
• Virginia: Coolers
• Washington, D.C.: Great Value French Fried Onions
• Washington State: Vanilla frosting
• West Virginia: My Life As Dolls
• Wisconsin: Green Bay Packers bath mat
• Wyoming: Flannel shirts