Ezra Miller’s Career On The Brink As Warner Bros. Hold Emergency Meeting About ‘The Flash’ Star’s Future

Warner Bros. Holds Emergency Meeting About Ezra Miller's Future

Warner Bros.

  • Ezra Miller stars as Barry Allen/The Flash in Warner Bros’ DC Extended Universe.
  • The 29-year-old actor has gotten into some serious trouble in recent weeks.
  • Warner Bros. execs reportedly held an emergency meeting to discuss the actor’s future.

Last week, we brought you the story of Ezra Miller, the actor who plays The Flash in the DCEU, being arrested in Hawaii after a string of troubling incidents.

According to reports, Miller was arrested for disorderly conduct and harassment after he “yelled obscenities, grabbed a mic from a singing woman and lunged at a man playing darts” at the Margarita Village bar in Hawaii.

Then, later that night after he was released on $500 bail for the incident at Margarita Village, Miller — staying “with” a couple at a hostel — allegedly “burst into the bedroom [of the couple] and threatened the alleged male victim by saying ‘I will bury you and your slut wife,’” according to The Independentciting a complaint made against Miller.

Warner Bros. brass reportedly held a meeting to discuss Ezra Miller’s future following recent arrest

In the aftermath of Miller’s arrest, executives at Warner Bros. — who not only gave Miller the career-altering role of The Flash but also feature him in the floundering Fantastic Beasts franchise — held an “emergency meeting” about the star’s future, according to Rolling Stone. As things currently stand, WB’s plan is to “hit pause” on any projects involving Miller.

On March 30, Warner Bros. and DC executives held an emergency impromptu meeting to discuss Ezra Miller’s future with the studio following The Flash star’s recent arrest for disorderly conduct and harassment. According to a knowledgeable source, the consensus in the room was to hit pause on any future projects involving Miller including possible appearances in the DC Cinematic Universe.

One insider says Miller had “frequent meltdowns” during production last year on The Flash. While the insider stresses there was no yelling or violent outbursts, they described Miller as “losing it.” “Ezra would get a thought in his head and say, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing,’” the insider tells Rolling Stone.

The Flash — which looks set to greatly restructure the DCEU with its multiversal story, perhaps even opening the door for Miller to be recast  — is scheduled to hit theaters on June 23, 2023.

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