Weather Reports Show New Year’s Eve Is Going To Suck For Anyone Planning On Leaving The House

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Snow In New York City


Yesterday, I dedicated Steal This Look to getting dressed up for New Year’s Eve. Perhaps the article and outfit should be amended to add about five more layers of clothing.

Weather reports across most of the Northeast are calling for insanely low temperatures for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Forecasts are predicting the wind chills that will make you rethink heading to a party without a coat or even walking out of the house at all.

After an unusually cold Christmas, “more of the country will be dealing with this bitter cold,” CNN meteorologist Gene Norman said. “We’ll have one arctic blast tonight and another toward the end of the week and into the weekend.”

Norman said 48 million people were under a wind chill advisory Tuesday night, up from only 30 million people earlier in the day.

If you don’t plan on leaving the house on NYE, you’ll be fine. If you planned on being social, you might want to consider wearing three pairs of every article of clothing. If you’re nuts enough to head to Times Square, well may god be with you.

“In New York City, celebrants will gather in Times Square on Saturday night, with the temperature around 12 degrees — but it will feel colder because of wind chill.”

The big ball might drop but your balls will shrivel and freeze.

Boston is looking at a low of 5 degrees on New Year’s Eve and 5 degrees on the first day of the year. Mayor Marty Walsh urged residents to take precautions for the bitterly cold weather.

“Don’t fawkin’ leave the house and maybe even bang out of work on Tuesday.”

That was paraphrasing.

[via CNN]

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