This Weed Dealer Sent The Most Professional Mass Text Message Ever

I guess I’m old enough to remember a time when your weed dealer wasn’t all business. Like in the Pineapple Express with Seth Rogen and James Franco, there was a time when your weed dealer was your buddy, your pal, a dude who you could kick it with and not feel like you were taking bong hits with your boss.

This tweet from @_Mandieeee has gone viral because it shows a level of professionalism from a weed dealer that most people aren’t accustomed to. Sure, you might expect a text like this from your medical marijuana dispensary if you’re a member of a co-op or some shit like that, or if you’re on a first-name basis with your budtender in a state where cannabis is legalized recreationally. But your neighborhood weed dealer? You don’t expect to see a text like this:

It’s worth noting that there are 76 other unread text messages that aren’t nearly as important as this message from her weed dealer.

If you’re at work and your IT guy blocks Twitter, here’s what the text message reads:

“Good Evening, Happy Monday. Thank you for being a valued customer. This Friday (October 13th) I will be OFF. It is my birthday, and most likely the following Saturday morning recovering. So please LEAVEMEALONE. I will be on all day till late Thursday night and resume regular schedule hustling the following Saturday evening.
Thank you for understanding. It is appreciated.
(No need to respond to this message)”

This actually reminds me of a text ‘a friend of mine’ once received in NYC before NYE. With the dealer looking to unload his CD’s and DVD’s (that wasn’t coded at all) before the holiday because he wanted to get f’d up on the holiday and knew customers would be looking to make purchases before the new year.

I guess this is a little different though because this is a case where a hard-working hustler is looking to treat himself to a day off. Even drug dealers have birthdays and need some downtime, right?

[h/t Metro UK]