Wendy’s Was Asked To Name 2017’s Best Movies And The Thread That Followed Is Why We Have The Internet

wendys twitter best movies 2017 thread

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If you spend any amount of time on Twitter and don’t follow Wendy’s, then you are doing Twitter wrong. Because if you haven’t been following Wendy’s on Twitter then you have missed out on their rap battle with Wingstop, them getting blocked by Hardee’s, a hilarious beef they got into with McDonald’s, and them roasting a troll so hard he deleted his account.

See what I mean, by you’re doing Twitter wrong if you are following Wendy’s (and the marvelous woman behind all of the restaurant’s epic tweets).

Case in point, on Wednesday, Eric Kohn, a film critic and editor for IndieWire, randomly tweeted at Wendy’s, “Need to know your favorite movie of the year.”

15 minutes later he had his answer, because Wendy’s Twitter is awesome, and the answer was Lady Bird, with The Big Sick, Get Out and Logan also getting a mention. coming in after. Blade Runner also got a call-out for being “visually stunning.”

End of conversation, right? Wendy’s has spoken and so it shall be done – the Oscar goes to Lady Bird.

Well, hold your horses, because the production company behind Lady Bird, A24, had another question for Wendy’s, “Tell us what you liked about Lady Bird?”

And off to the races we go…

Then Rotten Tomatoes decided to get in on the conversation…

This sparked a beef (pun intended) between A24 and Rotten Tomatoes

With all of this great discussion taking place, Wendy’s decided to ask the head honchos if they could just turn their Twitter account into a movie review account…

Bummer. Still, Wendy’s was undeterred…

As if that wasn’t enough, Wendy’s then decided to branch out into video game reviews…


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