Wendy’s Is Roasting Everyone So Hard Right Now We May Need To Report A Mass Murder

Wendy's Twitter Is Roasting People So Hard Right Now


  • Wendy’s fired off a ‘National Roast Day’ tweet and invited people and brands to respond to their tweet before getting mercilessly roasted so hard it hurts
  • This is an annual tradition from Wendy’s and each year there are a lot of casualties
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Wendy’s is back on their shenanigans. They do this once a year. Today is ‘National Roast Day’ according to the Wendy’s Twitter account and it’s the day they invite people to respond on Twitter and get roasted so hard they have to delete their accounts.

I’ve never engaged with the Wendy’s Twitter account on National Roast Day because I’m not prepared for what they might tell me about myself. They don’t care if you’re a global brand, a blue checkmark on Twitter, or a nobody. They’re going to roast you so hard it hurts.

The casualties so far include Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Busch Beer, and plenty more. I’ve included a ton of tweets below so let’s get to it.

Wendy’s Twitter Is Mercilessly Roasting Anyone And Everyone Right Now

Wendy’s Twitter is ruthless. They take no prisoners. My assumption is there are at least three and possibly five people writing the tweets/on the team that runs the Wendy’s Twitter account. This has to EASILY be the best day of their year.

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