‘Westworld’ Shouts Out ‘Game of Thrones’ With An Epic Easter Egg

by 3 months ago


Last night’s episode of Westworld was truly one of the best episodes they’ve ever done.

At its peak, Westworld has the deft ability to blend action, sci-fi, and romance in a way that few other TV series — or movies for that matter — are capable of.

The second episode of season 3 — “The Winter Line” — was the epitome of that storytelling ability, as it was able to mix the romance between Maeve and Hector with the mindfuckery of shifting realities and the intensity of action set pieces.

HBO clearly pulled out all the stops for episode 2, as it not only featured all of those aforementioned aspects, but also included an epic Easter Egg nod at Game of Throne.

Not only did fans catch a glimpse of Drogon being worked on, but the technicians working on him are actually Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

Sunday’s episode of “Westworld” revealed yet another one of the Delos parks — though its exact name remains a mystery. While speaking with “Westworld” creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy about the episode’s revelation, Insider posited the name “Fantasy World.”

“I think that is subject to some speculation,” Nolan said. “We are, we are neither going to confirm or deny it, hence ‘park four.'”

“We are both fans of and friends with Dan and David,” Nolan told Insider. “We had this goofy idea that we would pay homage to their staggeringly beautiful and ambitious show — the show that paved the way for us to be making ‘Westworld’ with the same kind of ambition and production value. They kind of invented this genre of TV. And they’re lovely guys.” [via Insider]

Naturally, while some fans — like myself — appreciated the reference, there were others who were filled with nothing but blind rage after being reminded of the truly catastrophic meltdown that was the final season of Game of Thrones.


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