Here’s What Would Happen To Your Body And Health If You Only Ate Potato Chips

potato chips

iStockphoto / Dubravina

It’s not a secret that if you eat like trash you’ll end up feeling like garbage. I’m not here to say that potato chips are bad. Heck, I love chips. I’ve got multiple bags in my pantry at the moment ranging from BBQ to Salt and Vinegar to some rare Pimento Cheese-flavored chips which are dope.

I get it, potato chips delicious. Unfortunately for me, I’m in a cutting phase at the moment and spend my weekdays and nights eating pretty much only chicken and rice. I’m feeling pretty healthy at the moment. I’ve lost 20+ pounds in the past 2.5 months and life is good.

Life would possibly be better if I was indulging myself delicious chips every day but that could also lead to a life of complete misery based on this clip below. The YouTube channel AsapScience put together this clip showing what would happen to the human body if someone only ate potato chips. As far as we know, nobody’s ever tried this before and lived to tell the tale or had their experience documented. So this is all theoretical and it’s pretty grim.

Suddenly, I’m not missing chips so much. Lately because my diet’s been so fucking boring Monday through Friday (on the weekends I eat like a normal human) all of the delicious leftover junk food in my pantry has been haunting me. Every time I open the door to grab a stupid ass rice cake with peanut butter and honey or something like that, I feel like I’m stuck looking at all of the delicious foods I could be eating if I wasn’t trying to cut some weight.

I now understand why people throw out all the junk food in their house when they’re trying to lose weight instead of my method of standing there and staring at it while reaching for the dried fruit snacks.

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