Rumors Are Swirling That The Sold Out Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Could Return As Soon As This Week

when will popyes chicken sandwich return

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Over the summer, the world was thrust into chaos after Popeyes decided to shamelessly rip off Chick-fil-A and introduce their own version of the chain’s iconic chicken sandwich, which sparked a literal feeding frenzy across the country.

It’s safe to say Popeyes didn’t anticipate just how much demand there would be for the new product and people weren’t exactly thrilled to learn it had sold out much sooner than anticipation—including the guy who filed a lawsuit against the restaurant and the mob of people that failed to realized waving a gun at employees wouldn’t make the highly sought-after menu item magically reappear.

Popeyes announced it was doing everything in its power to get the sandwich back on the menu as soon as possible and went as far as to encourage people to bring their own buns to its stores to try to replicate the magic in a half-assed attempt to placate the masses.

However, if Thrillist is to be believed, the seemingly eternal wait may soon be over.

The outlet’s Kat Thompson did a bit of digging to get to the bottom of the mystery by calling a variety of sources—including Popeye’s corporate office, which didn’t do much to shed any new light on the matter.

However, employees at locations in Brooklyn and Southern California were able to provide a bit more info, with a source at the former telling her they’d heard rumors the sandwich would return this week and one at the latter saying there was a chance it could hit the menu again as soon as today.

It’s worth noting that people at two other stores she rang up in Houston and Chicago said they’re under the impression the sandwich is slated to come back at some point next month, which makes you wonder if the rollout will be regional or if no one actually has any idea what the hell is going on.

At least we have Sexy Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Halloween costumes to tide us over for now.

Something tells me those aren’t going to sell out as quick.

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