We Now Live In A World With Whisky ‘Tide Pods,’ Glenlivet Introduces ‘Glassless Cocktails’ And The Internet Is Not Impressed

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The Glenlivet

Have you ever been in the predicament where you want to drink alcohol, but you haven’t had a glass to drink it from? Well, fret no more because whisky distiller The Glenlivet has devised a solution to this problem that literally not one person has encountered — introducing whisky capsules!

The Glenlivet has introduced glassless capsules, a small booze bag of whisky. Sure, you could drink straight from the bottle like a true alcoholic, but apparently it’s way more fun to chomp into a Tide Pod filled with hooch and have it explode in your mouth. “Enjoying them is simple, the capsules are popped in the mouth for an instant burst of flavor, and the capsule is simply swallowed.”

The Glenlivet, which is the world’s second best-selling brand of Scotch, unveiled their Capsule Collection and call them “a first of its kind.” The release coincides with London Cocktail Week.

These delicious Tide Pod-looking capsules contain 23 milliliters of whisky encased in biodegradable and edible seaweed. They’re whisky dumplings. Or is it whisky sushi?

“No ice. No stirrer. No glass. We’re redefining how whisky can be enjoyed. Introducing The Glenlivet Capsule Collection #noglassrequired,” The Glenlivet said on Twitter.

Literally Nobody:

The Glenlivet:

People are going to put these in their butts.

How did someone pitch this at The Glenlivet boardroom meeting? “Our sales are down amongst millennials drinkers. Millennials are eating Tide Pods. Hear me out… whisky Tide Pods.”

The internet did not disappoint in mocking the whisky Tide Pods for drunks everywhere.

But there were some people with Twitter reactions that saw the positive potential of the whisky Tide Pods.

The Glenlivet teamed up with the London bar Tayēr + Elementary to create the cocktail capsules. The Tide Pod whisky will be available in three different varieties: Citrus, Wood, and Spice.

“As a brand that celebrates originality, we are always looking to break the conventions that have determined how single malt Scotch has historically been enjoyed,” Miriam Eceolaza, director of The Glenlivet, said in the announcement of the whisky pods. “The Glenlivet Capsule Collection does exactly that, and we’re excited to see how people react when they try our glassless cocktails. Our founder, George Smith, always went against the grain, bucking tradition and doing things differently. The Glenlivet Capsule Collection continues his pioneering spirit today.”

Friendly reminder, eight people have died from ingesting laundry detergent pods.


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