White Claw Pants Exist And Need To Become A Thing On The PGA Tour

For those of you who haven’t been following The Brilliantly Dumb Show on Instagram, let me introduce you to our dear friend Joey Cold Cuts. A wild 33-year-old Italian man from Vancouver, Canada with absolutely zero filter in both what comes out of his mouth and what he decides to wear on and off the golf course. I never know what my eyes are about to witness with his golf gear when he comes to pick me up for a day on the links, I am usually prepared for something pretty bizarre, but there is no preparing for this one.

Yes, those are indeed White Claw golf pants. White Claw, which really broke out last summer as one of the most dynamite seltzers out there, now has a walking advertisement on California golf courses in Mr. Cold Cuts. I found myself very confused when looking at these pants trying to figure out if they are the ugliest golf pants of all time or the most electric pants the sport has ever seen. I came to a decision at about the sixth tee box and realized that these things are REMARKABLE.

It is an absolute must that we see a pair of these on the PGA Tour this year. Forget about the sponsorship or any of the BS that needs to go into all of that, could you imagine seeing a guy like Dustin Johnson in a pair of these? Do you realize what that could do for the sport of golf? If John Daly would have been able to get a hold of these during his primetime playing days it would have been game over.

The sport of golf has always needed a bit of a facelift in terms of getting a younger generation involved and active in the game, what better way to do that than a pair of White Claw pants? To the PGA, if you are watching or reading this in any form, do us all a favor and let’s make this happen ASAP.