Why HERDEZ® Guacamole Is The Perfect Game Day Snack For Tailgating This Football Season

  • Fire up the grill and give those tongs a couple of test clanks… It’s officially football season!
  • Heading to a tailgate? Skip the same old dip – HERDEZ® Traditional Guacamole is the perfect thing to bring as a guest.
  • HERDEZ® Traditional Guacamole is made from hand-scooped Hass avocados. It’s available in mild and spicy.
  • HERDEZ® Traditional Guacamole is widely available with other refrigerated dips and spreads in most grocery stores.

There are two cardinal sins when it comes to gameday tailgates:

If you’re hosting the shindig, don’t overwork the meat. You can delegate everything else. No one wants a burger that’s been charred to a crisp by an amateur behind the grill.

If you’re a guest, don’t show up empty-handed. This is just basic etiquette, but you’d be shocked how many adults need a reminder that they’re grown-ups now. You get out what you put in and, when you’re generously invited to someone’s tailgate on game day, you need to put forth the effort.

Otherwise, you will be forever deemed “that guy”.

It will be your first and last tailgate invite.

What should you bring to a game day tailgate?

Now that we’ve established that it’s always a good idea to bring a dish to share, the question is what?

Let’s start with common decency: Ask, don’t expect to be told. There’s no shame in throwing out suggestions on what you’re most comfortable bringing, even if it’s as simple as a six-pack. Sure, you can commit to sides like deviled eggs, pasta salad, potato salad, or macaroni salad. But there’s a good chance the host will already have something in mind…

If you’re looking for a simple crowd-pleaser, skip the tired veggie platter.

Allow us to suggest a suggestion: Guacamole.

It’s the move for people who make moves.

Why you should bring guacamole to a tailgate this football season

Guacamole is one of those snacks that just seems to make everything better. It’s irresistible at social functions, bringing people together to scoop with tortilla chips in hand. Unlike, say, an unconventional tailgate dip like hummus, pretty much everyone loves it.

It’s the perfect evening starter for backyard barbecues, game day parties, and casual get-togethers with friends.

Fresh guac doesn’t have to be a big production either.

Herdez Guacamole

HERDEZ® Traditional Guacamole is delicious guac without the hassle. It’s hard to resist and versatile, with the potential to be used as a condiment to jazz up a burger.

You don’t have to pull up to the function with a bag of avocados and limes either – it’s already packaged and ready to go.

And it pairs well with your favorite game day adult beverage.

What is HERDEZ® Traditional Guacamole?

HERDEZ® Traditional Guacamole is widely available with other refrigerated dips and spreads in most grocery stores. Because life is better with options, it’s available in mild or spicy, featuring a proper kick from jalapenos. All you have to do is rip and dip upon arrival when everyone is milling around, waiting for the host to fire up the grill.

HERDEZ® Traditional Guacamole is made from real, hand-scooped Hass avocados. There are no preservatives added – just creamy avocado, fresh lime juice, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, lime juice, zesty serrano peppers, and salt. It follows an authentic guacamole recipe that’s been handed down for generations, originating from Fundación Herdez in Mexico. They make the No. 1 selling salsa in Mexico, so you know they know what they are doing.

It’s an instant crowd-pleaser that’s pretty darn close to homemade or cantina-quality guacamole. Not to mention that it’s a better-for-you option than dips loaded up with oils and trans fats.

Save the calorie splurging for dessert or that second burger.

Don’t get stressed out about side salads this football season.

HERDEZ® Traditional Guacamole makes showing up simple, so you can put your energy into cheering on the hometown team. Don’t you dare let your cousin Steve think for a second he can take your title as the #1 superfan in the family.

Have a great time out there.

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