Anders Holm Discusses The Real Reason The ‘Workaholics’ Movie Got Shut Down At The Last Minute

Anders Holm and Workaholics cast

Getty Image / Chelsea Lauren

After 86 episodes on Comedy Central, Workaholics came to an end in 2017. After the series finale, rumors of a Workaholics movie quickly picked up steam before it all fizzled out in an instant.

Anders Holm who played ‘Ders’ on Workaholics with Blake Anderson and Adam Devine was recently a guest on Steve-O’s show.

The two discussed why the Workaholics movie was shut down at the last possible minute when it appeared all lights were green.

Why The Workaholics Movie Was Shut Down

Saying the movie was shut down at the last possible second isn’t hyperbole. Anders breaks down just how far along the Workaholics movie production was when it all came to a screeching hault at the 11th hour.

Anders Holm: “Like literally, wrote the script. We were ready to go. We had the cast back and all scheduled and everything. We rented stages.”

“And then when they came back into the new year, (and) that first week they were like ‘we’ve got a whole new global agenda.’ Which sounds dark and maybe it is.”

“But they’ve got a global agenda where basically the amount they were going to spend making our movie, our intellectual property ,just wasn’t worth that to them.”

Steve-O: “Because they were worried that it wasn’t going to appeal to international markets? They thought it was going to be like the only really hit in America?”

Anders Holm: “Too niche, too niche. And look, I get it. I get it. But tell us that a little sooner but also like… I feel bad for those guys over there because Paramount+ is imploding.”

Steve-O: “It’s imploding? Here comes a can of worms but Jackass Forever, the last Jackass movie, just went to Paramount+. And it went to Paramount+ without any form of a video on demand window in advance. And it went to Paramount+ without any establishing the market value by by bringing it to other streamers. It just… They didn’t operate anywhere else. They just sold it to themselves. And there was speculation that that was not legal.”

This all happened back in January of this year. Paramount+ got TORCHED for shutting the film down.

After discussion of the Workaholics movie getting unexpectedly shut down, Anders Holm then talks about why they (Hollywood writers) are striking.

How The Workaholics Writers Got Creative Control

Elsewhere in the full interview, Ders discussed how Workaholics got away with so much. If you enjoyed the show it adds great context to the series:

The public really did get robbed of a great movie. Hopefully, one day, the film will get made.