Will Smith Made A Very Funny, Semi-Accurate Parody Of His Son Jaden’s ‘Icon’ Music Video

will smith parody jaden icon video

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To celebrate his son reaching 100 million streams on Spotify, Will Smith made a spot-on, hilarious parody of Jaden’s “Icon” music video, gold grill and all.

Of course he shared it on his Instagram account, which he’s had for less than two months, and already posted more good stuff than 90% of the population.

I always figured having Will Smith for a dad would be pretty cool, but now, thanks to Instagram, we have actual proof.

“Congrats on 100,000,000 @Spotify streams, Jaden! @c.syresmith It is a Delicious Gift to a Parent to Admire his children. Keep Doin’ You!” Smith wrote with the video which is pretty much a shot-for-shot copy of the beginning of Jaden’s video… with a couple of minor changes.

Smith has Jaden’s gold grill (but struggles with it a bit). He also sports a big gold chain like Jaden only his doesn’t look like it is quite as expensive. Will’s got the ripped denim jacket and, umm, he’s wearing shorts, sitting in a family car, and… are those slippers? Yeah, that’s where things start to go off the rails in dad’s version of “Icon.”

Check it out…

Here’s Jaden’s much better version for comparison.

No wonder after only about a month and a half Smith has already got over 7.5 million followers.