Woman calls cops to report that her husband stopped having sex with her, then things get weird

Sex is an important part of any healthy relationship. Up until the point your wife calls the cops for neglecting her needs.


Police say that 53-year-old Gloria Pratt called police on her husband of two years for some problems in the house.

When Chandler, Ariz. police arrived after Pratt’s distress call, they found a seemingly intoxicated Pratt who told the officers that the couple had “stopped having sex.”

The cops told Pratt there was nothing they could do, then wished her luck and left.

When they got outside, the cops saw Pratt yelling at her husband on the couch, telling him to “do something.”

She then yelled, “I’m going to kill you” before retreating to the kitchen, presumably to grab a weapon.

That’s when the cops came back and arrested Pratt on suspicion of disorderly conduct and threats in domestic violence.

The police report claims that Pratt then told police that her husband “would get what was coming to him now.”

Normally, it’s very attractive when women are aggressive sexually. So it’s good to see that Ms. Pratt is dispelling stereotypes by turning what could be a sensual moment between a man and a woman into something that could be featured in one of the many Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequels. Really, these cops are just oppressing a woman’s right to express herself — possibly with kitchen knives — when she’s not getting sufficiently penetrated. It’s a real shame how misogynistic society can be.